Setting sensible max-prefix limits

Chriztoffer Hansen ch at
Wed Aug 18 10:03:51 UTC 2021

On Wed, 18 Aug 2021 at 11:33, Lars Prehn <lprehn at> wrote:
> I guess for long standing peers one could just eyeball it, e.g., current
> prefix count + some safety margin. How does that work for new peers?

If you have automation in place. Another approach is to count the
received prefix. Store the counted value in a database. Based on the
avg prefix count over X (time period). Add e.g. 10 - 25 % headroom
over the avg prefix count and use the calculated value as the
max-prefix limit?

PeeringDB data (sometimes or often?) be somewhat misleading (in
contrast to actual avg prefix count) in the sense 'some' networks will
input a value with headroom percentages already included.

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