"Tactical" /24 announcements

Mark Tinka mark at tinka.africa
Wed Aug 11 14:07:40 UTC 2021

On 8/11/21 12:24, Tom Hill wrote:

> Such anti-disaggregation/save-my-TCAM efforts really do not work, and
> will spawn all manner of support tickets. I'm saying this in the hope
> that it may prevent someone from reading this thread and concluding that
> it may be a good idea to try. It is not.

We've been doing this on low-FIB platforms (mainly for our Metro, where 
we want to hold a full table in RIB and a few internal routes in RIB) 
since about 2014, and it works - as Scar in "The Lion King" would say - 
rather well.

The only downside is when your IGP and LDP database grows larger than 
the available FIB. But that's another issue; although not an 
insignificant one.


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