"Tactical" /24 announcements

Martijn Schmidt martijnschmidt at i3d.net
Mon Aug 9 16:03:31 UTC 2021

It's route table pollution if you ask me.. in today's world we have many 
IXPs and several tier-1 operators that support RPKI ROV, so when you 
have issued ROAs for the supernet of the IP space in question it'll 
already significantly reduce the effects of a BGP hijack.

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On 8/9/21 5:47 PM, Billy Croan wrote:
> How does the community feel about using /24 originations in BGP as a
> tactical advantage against potential bgp hijackers?
> All of our allocations are larger and those prefixes we announce for
> clients as well usually are.  But we had a request recently to
> originate everything as distinct /24 prefixes, to reduce the effect of
> a potential bgp hijack.  It seemed a little bit like a tragedy of the
> commons situation.
> Is this seen as route table pollution, or a necessary evil in today's world?
> How many routers out there today would be affected if everyone did this?
> Are there any big networks that drop or penalize announcements like this?

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