Where to get IPv4 block these day

Michael Thomas mike at mtcc.com
Fri Aug 6 15:57:58 UTC 2021

On 8/6/21 8:35 AM, Fred Baker wrote:
>> On Aug 6, 2021, at 8:22 AM, Noah <noah at neo.co.tz> wrote:
>> Do majority of smart handsets OS today support v6?
>> Majority of people I know (due to economic factors) own lowend android handsets with no support for v6. This group forms majority of eyeballs that contribute revenue to local Telecoms whose network is heavily CGNAT.
> Handsets - Cameron would be in a better place than I to discuss this, but certainly anything used to connect to his network (T-Mobile) does, and enables access with IPv4 turned off. That includes at least iPhone (the handset I use to access his network), and Android. https://thirdinternet.com/ipv6-on-mobile-devices/
> As to other systems, Apple and Linux platforms, and more recently Windows, supports IPv6, and has for quite a while. Issues there tend to be in specific applications (due to the socket interface).

I thought I had heard that there were carriers out there that are mainly 
(always?) using v6 to the phones? i assume they just nat somewhere for 
v4 sites?

And wouldn't it take effort to *disable* v6 capability for iphones and 
android? with happy eyeballs it just sort of works.


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