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Michael Thomas mike at
Wed Apr 28 17:28:18 UTC 2021

On 4/28/21 10:19 AM, Mel Beckman wrote:
> Michael,
> Sorry, but Cloudfare wasn’t sued /because/ they’re a service provider. 
> This dispute is no different than if they had gotten into an argument 
> over a copier toner scammer. And your snide remark about my comments, 
> claiming they are political, is uncalled for.  I fastidiously avoid 
> making political comments, and take pains to explain my operational 
> concerns if there might be any doubt (as I did with the Parler 
> cancellations).
> I never said the copyright troll issue isn’t important. It just 
> doesn’t belong on NANOG. It hinges entirely on philosophical issues 
> with the PTO.
Snort. Your gubbermint conspiracy theories about the DoD address space 
dripped of politics.

They were sued because they are a service provider with money and they 
are fighting back asking for the community to help out. As William said, 
that seems pretty on-topic to me. This community is in a good position 
to provide that help which would be of benefit to NANOG in general. 
Again, on-topic for network operators.


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