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Sorry, but Cloudfare wasn’t sued because they’re a service provider. This dispute is no different than if they had gotten into an argument over a copier toner scammer. And your snide remark about my comments, claiming they are political, is uncalled for.  I fastidiously avoid making political comments, and take pains to explain my operational concerns if there might be any doubt (as I did with the Parler cancellations).

I never said the copyright troll issue isn’t important. It just doesn’t belong on NANOG. It hinges entirely on philosophical issues with the PTO.


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NANOG is not the right place to post this. This list is not an “interesting news group”, and as fascinating as the patent troll take down is, it has nothing to do with operational issues. Read the AUP, if your don’t believe me. Item 8:
A major North American Operator goes after some industry boogeymen who
tried to extort them with a router (Networking) patent. Seems pretty
on topic to me.

Doubly so because this is exactly the right community that can help eliminate an industry scourge with its knowledge of prior art, etc.


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