EMail server gets blocked by Microsoft

Michael Fallen mikefallensignup at
Tue Apr 27 14:22:29 UTC 2021

Microsoft seems to be one of the worst offenders in terms of having a 
email blocking blackbox. Good luck getting in contact with someone as 
well. Throughout the years of self-hosting email they have always been 
the most problematic of the large providers.


Dominque Roux wrote on 2021-04-27 3:35 AM:
> Hi All,
> is there anyone out there who has some experience with the blocking
> mechanism of Microsofts mail server? We're running a mail server at our
> company which ends up on their blacklist from time to time and we're
> wondering if there are some steps we could take in order to prevent this.
> Cheers,
> Dominique

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