DoD IP Space

Sabri Berisha sabri at
Sun Apr 25 20:59:19 UTC 2021

----- On Apr 25, 2021, at 2:24 AM, Bill Woodcock woody at wrote:


> I think I’d characterize it, rather, as a possible privatization of public
> property.

This comment sparked my curiosity. Does ARIN consider IP space to be property?

One could argue both ways:

1. Whomever "owns" a netblock simply owns the right to use and advertise it as long
as it's being used for the purposes under which it was assigned by a number registry.
This would be similar to "apartment rights" in a condominium complex.


2. IP space comes with property rights such as selling and leasing as one wishes. But,
that would also imply that IP space can be stolen.

I'd be curious to hear what ARIN's position is on this. 



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