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This doesn’t sound good, no matter how you slice it. The lack of
transparency with a civilian resource is troubling at a minimum.

You do understand that the addresses in question are not and have
never been "civilian." They came into DoD's possession when this was
all still a military project funded by what's now DARPA.

Personally, I think we may have an all time record for the largest
honeypot ever constructed. I'd love to be a fly on that wall.

Bill -

That’s actually a possibility - just join DDS…

‘ "The big Pentagon internet mystery now partially solved”
After weeks of wonder by the networking community, the Pentagon has now provided a very terse explanation for what it’s doing. But it has not answered many basic questions, beginning with why it chose to entrust management of the address space to a company that seems not to have existed until September.

The military hopes to “assess, evaluate and prevent unauthorized use of DoD IP address space,” said a statement issued Friday by Brett Goldstein, chief of the Pentagon’s Defense Digital Service<>, which is running the project. It also hopes to “identify potential vulnerabilities” as part of efforts to defend against cyber-intrusions by global adversaries, who are consistently infiltrating U.S. networks, sometimes operating from unused internet address blocks. '


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