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I hope you're not implementing this in an ISP network, it's not net neutral if a carrier is making a (political) route/filtering decision. (Points to The Great Firewall of China)


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It’s the INTERNET that is civilian, not the IP space. As long as that IP space was isolated to the .mil network, it was private space, as far as the Internet was concerned. Now DoD has moved it into the civilian Internet, and I treat them as potentially malicious as I do any other organization that lies, cheats, and steals the public trust.


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>> This doesn’t sound good, no matter how you slice it. The lack of 
>> transparency with a civilian resource is troubling at a minimum.
> You do understand that the addresses in question are not and have 
> never been "civilian." They came into DoD's possession when this was 
> all still a military project funded by what's now DARPA.
> Personally, I think we may have an all time record for the largest 
> honeypot ever constructed. I'd love to be a fly on that wall.
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