Broken Mini-SAS cable removal?

Joe Klein joe.klein at
Fri Apr 23 15:26:41 UTC 2021

Try shim stock or a feeler gauge between the plug and socket to work the latching fingers. This isn't something that I've tried specifically in this case. 

You might need to put a notch in the stock or feeler gauge so that you can work the fingers from the backside. Kinda like that old trick of using a credit card to prise a door latch, except this should work since there's no deadlatch. :)

You might also try gently twisting a small screwdriver or spudger stick between the plug and socket too to increase the gap between the socket and plug. 


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Anyone here have experience removing a mini-SAS cable when the plastic tab has broken off? Tried checking online but couldn't find anything.

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-- Ryland

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