Submitting Fake Geolocation for blocks to Data Brokers and RIRs

Mark Tinka mark at
Thu Apr 22 15:03:48 UTC 2021

On 4/22/21 16:55, Brian Turnbow wrote:

>> AFAIK Ripe does not set a default, it is up to the LIR.
>> You can assign geoloc to orgs ans assignments
>> Ripe publishes a list of all allocations made to the provider and lists their country of record.
>> If the address space is unassigned I'm not sure as it is not listed in the file  of allocations that contains the country , but I would guess NL as the RIPE country of record.

Thanks for that.

Well, if there is no default and the member has to add a country to the 
assignment or allocation, then the question becomes whether the degree 
of truth implemented by said member when updating the WHOIS database 
with the assignment is sufficient to form a case for or against them.

If there is no strict policy that RIPE publishes and/or enforces that 
defines associating assignments with the country in which they are used, 
I struggle to see how a lawyer could - in a 1+1 way - assert that the 
data is fraudulent. After all, the lack of definitive policy lends 
itself to the notion that (the truthfulness of) this data can be 
not-so-unreasonably discretionary.

Then again, lawyers don't generally go the 1+1 route :-).


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