Submitting Fake Geolocation for blocks to Data Brokers and RIRs

Brian Turnbow b.turnbow at
Thu Apr 22 13:57:57 UTC 2021


>>If the endpoint (e.g. web server) is physically located in Germany and
>>you're helping a client misrepresent that it's located in Estonia in
>>order to evade a legal requirement that it be located in Estonia then
>>you've made yourself a party to criminal fraud.

>While I agree with the overall sentiment of your message, I am curious ; have there been any instances where an internet provider has been found liable (criminally or civilly) for willfully misrepresenting IP >geolocation information? 

So to extend this further,  you assign a class of IPs to a customer and register it to them  in the RIPE database.
Do you assign it to the customers address, in Estonia , or use the DC Address which is in Germany? 
Which could be the basis of geolocalizing the Address.
I would not want to be the lawyer on either side of the battle.


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