OOB management options @ 60 Hudson & 1 Summer

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*nods* band support, where the directional antenna is pointing, etc. 

cellmapper.com has a good map of tower locations, sector coverage, etc. If you have an Android device, you can contribute to the crowd-sourcing. 

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Before getting rid of the cellular based OOB, look into some more detail about exactly what LTE modems are in those. I've seen some remarkable results from equipment using the 600/700 bands (tmobile, verizon) for getting signal into deeply buried concrete structures. There's a lot of different types and capabilities of cellular data modems on the market. 

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I have routers in both 60 Hudson St & 1 Summer St and I’m looking for some low cost bandwidth options for out of band management. Currently I have Opengear boxes at each site with cell modems but they don’t work too well. I either need to replace them with new cell based devices or find a wireless/ethernet bandwidth option. I only need a couple serial ports and ethernet for when everything breaks. 

I’m in DR space @ 60 Hudson and the Markeley MMR @ 1 Summer 

I’m surprised OOB bandwidth isn’t a feature for colocation providers. 


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