Zayo or HE for IP transit

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No issues with HE, only gripe was that if you had transit along with IX peering, traffic will always prefer transit over IX ports.

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Hurricane has probably the most peering of any large network on the  planet. They also carry more v6 traffic than anyone. But they have a famous problem with v6 - you cannot get to Cogent (174) from HE. Since you have Cogent, that should not be a problem. Private, smart people, customer service is excellent, generally good network. One minor thing to keep in mind: They do not have as many weird “features” as some of the other big networks. If you are looking for something very specific (as opposed to vanilla transit), you should check to see if they support it. Not saying they won’t, just saying I would check. Which, frankly, is good advice for any network.

I have not used Zayo in many years, so cannot comment on them.


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What is the current experience with Zayo or HE?  I’m looking at possibly adding one of them into a mix of cogent and a mix from my datacenter.  Would be using BGP full routes.  Any experiences would be appreciated.


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