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> On 4/16/21 1:33 AM, Saku Ytti wrote:
> > https://www.markleygroup.com/cloud/network/out-of-band
> Wow, this is an impressive offering.  I wish more providers would do this.

+manylots. It's always surprising to me how often companies (in all
industries) can be broken up into those that understand the value of
goodwill and those that instead nickel-and-dime.
My local Potbelly (sandwich ship) every now and then will just say "No
charge, this one's on us". This only happens around once every 30-40 times
I go in, but they loyalty that it has created means that I go there **way**
more often than I otherwise would. It also means that in the few times that
something goes wrong/I have a bad experience, I don't really care.

The additional profit that they've made from having me as a loyal customer
more than covers the cost of 1 free sammich every N.

In many ways Markley seems similar - they feel like they understand that
some things (like OOB) are annoying to deal with, and that the loyalty /
goodwill provided by being "nice" more than repays the cost of the service.

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