OOB management options @ 60 Hudson & 1 Summer

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Ha! "Surprised"? Well, offering OOB for a reasonable price could be a
differentiator for the savvy colo providers, but bean counters say: "Huh? If
customer X wants OOB, they can pay ~$300/mo for a cross-connect". ~$300/mo
might seem an exaggeration, but not for some of us. Even ~$150/mo is


If 4G-ish mobile service won't work, expect to pay. ;-(




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I have routers in both 60 Hudson St & 1 Summer St and I'm looking for some
low cost bandwidth options for out of band management.  Currently I have
Opengear boxes at each site with cell modems but they don't work too well.
I either need to replace them with new cell based devices or find a
wireless/ethernet bandwidth option.   I only need a couple serial ports and
ethernet for when everything breaks.


I'm in DR space @ 60 Hudson and the Markeley MMR @ 1 Summer


I'm surprised OOB bandwidth isn't a feature for colocation providers.




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