Trident3 vs Jericho2

Jeff Tantsura jefftant.ietf at
Sat Apr 10 05:19:32 UTC 2021

Buffer size has nothing to do with feature richness.
Assuming you are asking about DC  - in a wide radix low oversubscription network shallow buffers do just fine, some applications (think map reduce/ML model training) have many to one traffic patterns and suffer from incast as the result, deep buffers might be helpful here, DCI/DC-GW is another case where deep buffers could be justified.


> On Apr 9, 2021, at 05:59, Dmitry Sherman <dmitry at> wrote:
> Once again, which is better shared buffer featurerich or fat buffer switches?
> When its better to put big buffer switch? When its better to drop and retransmit instead of queueing?
> Thanks.
> Dmitry

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