Trident3 vs Jericho2

Vincent Bernat bernat at
Fri Apr 9 14:38:24 UTC 2021

 ❦  9 avril 2021 17:20 +03, Saku Ytti:

> If we'd change TCP sender to bandwidth estimation, and newly created window
> space would be serialised at estimated receiver rate then we would need
> dramatically less buffers. However this less aggressive TCP algorithm would
> be outcompeted by new reno reducing bandwidth estimation to approach zero.
> Luckily almost all traffic is handled by few players, if they agree to
> change to well behaved TCP (or QUIC) algorithm, it doesn't matter much if
> the long tail is badly behaving TCP.

I think many of them are now using BBR or BBR v2. It would be
interesting to know how it impacted switch buffering.
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