(Slightly OT?) K8S Platform As A Service Recommendations

Charles N Wyble charles at turnsys.com
Thu Apr 8 13:31:41 UTC 2021

On 4/7/21 11:38 PM, Raymond Burkholder wrote:
> On 4/7/21 9:16 AM, Charles N Wyble wrote:> Does anyone have a 
> recommendation for a self-hosted, on premise,
> > platform as a service layer for k8s (specifically k3s)?
> Maybe you don't need kubernetes:
> https://endler.dev/2019/maybe-you-dont-need-kubernetes/

I have considered not running k8s. I didn't run it for a long time. I 
kept an eye on developments and waited for it to mature.

However the amount of applications and services I am now needing to 
support and the HA requirements and need for standardization etc.... I 
don't know of a better option.

> Manually install a single node Kubernetes cluster on Debian
> http://meta.libera.cc/2021/03/manually-install-single-node-kubernetes.html 
> Or run Salt or something and spin up LXC containers.

Sure.... and how do I manage IP addresses? Ports? HA? Containers 
(LXC/docker) is the easy part (on a relative basis anyway!) . It's the 
meta stuff around it that gets messy.  The orchestration piece of the 
containers is the difficult part.

As I mentioned, we already have a mature stack outside the app runtime 
layer (for certs/LDAP/database etc). We just want applications/services 
on k8s. Minimize the complexity/blast radius! :)

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