(Slightly OT?) K8S Platform As A Service Recommendations

Charles N Wyble charles at turnsys.com
Wed Apr 7 15:16:12 UTC 2021

Hello all,

I know this is primarily a networking list, but I know lots of server 
admins hang out here.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a self-hosted, on premise, 
platform as a service layer for k8s (specifically k3s)?

I have written up some context here:


tl:dr : I have about 70 to 200 apps / (micro) services that will need to 
run across a handful of k3s servers . I already have HA 
database/networking/certificate/application load 
balanacer/authentication stacks in production use, I am currently 
running the actual websites/applications on a single Ubuntu LAMP server 
and want to build out an HA runtime layer for all the 
properties/applications and need a way to orchestrate k3s/metallb

Rancher rio has come up a few times in my 

In addition to the web apps , I will also will be running a number of 
r&d applications and CUDA enabled containers (across a mix of physical 
x86/jetson/tegra machines with k3s workers).

Suggestions/comments/questions/flames welcome :)

On or off list as you prefer.
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