login.authorize.net has A and CNAME records

Arne Jensen darkdevil at darkdevil.dk
Tue Apr 6 18:35:22 UTC 2021

Den 06-04-2021 kl. 19:50 skrev Seth Mattinen:
> On 4/6/21 9:33 AM, Seth Mattinen wrote:
>> Is anyone from authorize.net on here? You are publishing both an A
>> and CNAME record for login.authorize.net, and the CNAME points to
>> login.authorize.net.cdn.cloudflare.net which doesn't resolve.
> Looks like this may be a cloudflare related issue; I'm just getting
> servfail responses across the board to my on-net resolvers from
> cloudflare (not using public dns services).

Sounds more like a local problem on your end, or issues between you and
the CloudFlare facility you're being routed to.

login.authorize.net. is a CNAME, but does not have any A records itself.

login.authorize.net.cdn.cloudflare.net. points to two A records.

> Sometimes I'll get two A records which do work instead of the CNAME,
> so login.authorize.net occasionally works if I get lucky. But the TTL
> is 300 seconds to that luck doesn't last too long.

There seems to be no issues on locations some locations across European
countries such as e.g. Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, France and
(ex-European) United Kingdom.

CloudFlare does have the *SILLY* low 300 seconds TTL on ALL RECORDS that
are proxied through them (and cannot be changed for those). Even on
proxied records that have been the same for like 7 years, and easily
could have been 86400, or even longer (although longer might be ignored
by some resolvers). :'(

Med venlig hilsen / Kind regards,
Arne Jensen

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