wow, lots of akamai

Mark Tinka mark at
Fri Apr 2 09:43:40 UTC 2021

On 4/2/21 00:56, Patrick W. Gilmore wrote:

> And after all that, I still do not see what we are arguing about? You 
> want the game companies to change their business model, but you do not 
> want to change yours. Please do not say something like “but if they 
> just ….” Unless you want the game companies to say “but if the ISPs 
> just ….” Either way, stop trying to say someone else - the game 
> provider, the CDN, the user, whoever - should change their model or 
> spend their money to keep your business above water.

I know - don't sign up customers who smell like they have gaming 
consoles, gaming PC's, or gaming hand-held devices :-).



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