wow, lots of akamai

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Maybe? 6 months? 12 months? Okay, maybe I'll buy it. 

36 hours? No. 

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>However, the game publisher queues those requests. I'm meaning 
>request generically, not a GET request or anything like that. The 
>game publisher that contracts to the CDNs decides when to fulfill 
>those requests, in the big picture. The game publisher is the one 
>that then tells 100 million devices "Content Available". The rate 
>that they do that is at their discretion. 

Keep in mind that the publisher doesn't just create a bunch of new 
assets to give away for free from the goodness of their hearts. Every 
update comes with new hats, weapon finishes, heroes, trading cards 
etc. that players are expected to buy for real money. Any delay could 
kill the hype and impact revenue. 

There is a lot of "But muh discard counters!" in this thread that is 
perfectly valid and understandable and that I absolutely relate to, 
but it's not the only perspective. 

-- Niels. 

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