wow, lots of akamai

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It’s in fact better, because the one with the new asset can actually play and not be totally frozen at loading and/or suffering lag and being kill in action.


Progressive rolls out is the key to happiness 


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>An artificial roll out penalty somehow? Probably not at the ISP 
>level, but more at the game level. Well, ISP could also have some 
>mechanisms to reduce the impact or even Akamai could force a 
>progressive roll out.

It's an online game. You can't play the game with outdated assets. 
You'd not see walls where other players would, for example.

What you're suggesting is the ability of ISPs to market Internet access 
at a certain speed but not have to deliver it based on conditions they 


It’s actually worst. You can’t even login without having latest version to play multiplayer.


        -- Niels.



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