Gaming Consoles and IPv4

Daniel Sterling sterling.daniel at
Wed Sep 30 21:28:30 UTC 2020

On Wed, Sep 30, 2020 at 3:09 PM Vincent Bernat <bernat at> wrote:
> Not sure about that. To avoid cheaters, multiplayer games are likely to
> be mediated by a server running the same game engine to manage state of
> each player.

Probably veering off topic for the list here, but yes -- the advantage
to playing on an xbox is Microsoft has Locked Down the system, so you
encounter essentially no cheaters if you're connected to Microsoft's
multiplayer service (xbox live) and using dedicated FPS hosts.

MS seems to have successfully locked down xbox enough so that no one
has figured out a way to get on xbox live with a "hacked" xbox (one
running non-MS code). or if they have, that's a big enough zero day
they're keeping it to themselves.

Having a locked down system that prevents cheaters is a big plus for
CoD, which otherwise is indeed rife with "hacked lobbies" and even PCs
running hacked clients that connect to and successfully mess up the
state of a managed dedicated Activision server.

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