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Tue Sep 29 13:59:58 UTC 2020

On 29/09/2020 15:36, Graham Johnston wrote:
> Does anyone have a quick answer as to what public data sources are used? I tried looking at the main github page for the project but I either missed it or it isn't there.

> Where is the data coming from?
> BGPalerter connects to public data sources (not managed by NTT) and the entire monitoring is done directly in the application (there are no NTT servers involved).
> A data source can be integrated with a connector component. In this way, you can also use your data if you would like.
> Currently, BGPalerter connects automatically to RIS live, an amazing project by the RIPE NCC. RIS live collects BGP updates coming from more than 600 peers. The updates are streamed to BGPalerter in real time for an unprecedented detailed and responsive monitoring.
--> connectors

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