Gaming Consoles and IPv4

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> I'm outside of Tampa (18th largest MSA in the US).  The two providers
> here, Spectrum (former Brighthouse area) and Frontier (bought out Verizon's
> FIOS offering) are both IPv4 only (including on their SOHO/SMB offerings).
> So I'm stuck with doing an HE tunnel still for my IPv6 access.  If anybody
> has a petition to change this with these providers, let me know, happy to
> sign it.

I empathize. My home provider, Suddenlink, is one of the laggards. Spectrum
here in the Austin area, though, is fully IPv6 enabled. Last year I did a
fair amount of testing at my younger son's apartment. It's frustrating.

I don't have any sort of detailed breakdown because that's not our primary
focus, but my very large organization has been supporting a daily average
of between 50k-60k VPN remote workers from around the country in all sorts
of locations. Because of COVD-19, it's been a significant percentage
increase, though our normal levels are quite large. We see about a quarter
of those incoming connections over IPv6. Most of our remote workers are
non-technical so that's an indication of not just ISP deployment but
penetration into their home networks. Again, we don't have any breakdown
since that's not our primary focus, but it does provide a high level

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