Apple moved from CDN, and ARIN whois

Denys Fedoryshchenko nuclearcat at
Thu Sep 24 14:27:07 UTC 2020


Interesting, it seems AS6185 moved traffic from all CDN to their own 
content network.
I noticed big spikes in traffic and complaints about slowness, figured 
out, Apple content (especially updates) are not coming from a numerous 
co-hosted CDN, but became "live",
congesting upstreams.
So much efforts on collocating endless CDN in premises to keep things 
closer to users and handle traffic surges, and yet again, some companies 
keep inventing their own.

P.S. I dont know if it is bug, but whois at ARIN return "No match found 
for n +" for,
but works fine for single ip from this range, like, and returns 
info about

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