Andrey Kostin ankost at
Fri Sep 18 14:09:16 UTC 2020

aaron1 at писал 2020-09-15 20:31:
Hi Aaron,

> Also, with VPN's over SRv6
> would this enable automatic vpn capability over the internet?  I mean
> if I can do VPN's over an IPv6 network, seems that I could do that
> across the Internet as well.

I think you already can do it over any kind of tunnel, and there are a 
lot of SDWAN solutions are available. Or do you expect from a transit 
provider a capability to respect and process SID stack programmed by 
another provider? I wouldn't bet on this ;) From administrative PoV it's 
similar to Inter-AS or CsC, based on trusted relations between parties, 
but seems not very popular in real life.
Otherwise, it will be the same best path routing as for any general 
tunnel. Doesn't look as a distinctive advantage of SRv6 at least.

> - Aaron

Kind regards,

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