tim at tim at
Fri Sep 18 09:40:54 UTC 2020

> For me, MACSec is kind of like SyncE... great on paper and in the sales
> pitch, but anyone that truly wants to use those features is probably
> going to be architecting, deploying and managing them themselves, and
> not paying a 3rd party network operator for the priviledge.

I've got MACSec deployed for exactly one customer as a point solution.  It works once it's in, but the documentation, vendor or otherwise, and choice of suitable equipment were fairly sparse.  I certainly wouldn't want to offer it at scale.

Encrypted network conversations with customers, I always try to be very clear about what they're trying to protect against, and make them think properly about trust boundaries.  Sure, I can slap a managed CPE on site if I don't already have one and provide overlay encryption - but that doesn't stop a rogue engineer on my side from capturing data before it's encrypted.  If what you're concerned about is fibre taps, or security flaws in the MPLS traffic-segregation model or implementation, that helps.  If you don't want to trust me as a service provider not to sniff your traffic in the middle, having me encrypt it at the edge really doesn't help - you need to encrypt it yourself, or have a different third-party that you do trust do the encryption.

Some people get it, some people are just trying to fill auditor check-boxes ;)


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