BFD for routes learned trough Route-servers in IXPs

Randy Bush randy at
Wed Sep 16 20:55:32 UTC 2020

>>> So, I was searching on how to solve that and I found a draft (8th release)
>>> with the intention to solve that...
>>> If understood correctly, the effective implementation of it will depend on
>>> new code on any BGP engine that will want to do that check.
>>> It is kind of frustrating... At least 10 years after the release of RFC
>>> until the refresh os every router involved in IXPs in the world.
>> you have a better (== easier to implement and deploy) signaling path?
>> the draft passed wglc in 1948.  it is awaiting two implementations, as
>> is the wont of the idr wg.
> I think you also mean to say: "this is actually still a DRAFT and not
> an RFC, so really no BGP implementor is beholden to this document,
> unless they have coin bearing customers who wish to see this feature
> implemented"

if i had meant to say that, i probably would have.  no one on this
thread has called it anything other than a draft, so i am quite unsure
what your point is; and i will not put words in your mouth.

sadly, these years, vendors do not seem to care a lot about drafts,
rfcs, ...  anything which sells.


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