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Tue Sep 15 18:57:44 UTC 2020

 	Hello All ,

On Tue, 15 Sep 2020, Mark Tinka wrote:

> On 15/Sep/20 11:53, Saku Ytti wrote:
>> I think SRv6 is an
>> abomination, it is complex SW, and very complex HW, because it exists.
>> We pay the premium to add HW support for it.
> And that is what the vendor(s) pushing this hope operators "realize"...
> that SRv6 is a complex mess that needs some kind of centralized system
> to manage. But wait, the centralized system is, itself, quite complex
> that no operator would dare spend time installing, commissioning or
> maintaining it themselves.
> So what ever shall we do, as operators?
> Simple, pay the vendor(s) to take care of all of it for you... planning,
> design, spec'ing, bill of materials, deployment, operation and refresh
> programs... lock that vendor top and bottom line in for them for the
> next 10 years, while they find some other RFC to create in order to keep
> the cycle going 11 years later.
> Mark.

 	So then here we are back at the older days of hard wired devices 
configured on site by vendor 'X' to do what buyer 'Y' was told it would do .
 	And Buyer 'Y' is still wondering WHEN it will be that kitchen sink it 
ordered .

 		Twyl ,  JimL

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