Mark Tinka mark.tinka at
Tue Sep 15 14:52:22 UTC 2020

On 15/Sep/20 11:53, Saku Ytti wrote:

> I think SRv6 is an
> abomination, it is complex SW, and very complex HW, because it exists.
> We pay the premium to add HW support for it.

And that is what the vendor(s) pushing this hope operators "realize"...
that SRv6 is a complex mess that needs some kind of centralized system
to manage. But wait, the centralized system is, itself, quite complex
that no operator would dare spend time installing, commissioning or
maintaining it themselves.

So what ever shall we do, as operators?

Simple, pay the vendor(s) to take care of all of it for you... planning,
design, spec'ing, bill of materials, deployment, operation and refresh
programs... lock that vendor top and bottom line in for them for the
next 10 years, while they find some other RFC to create in order to keep
the cycle going 11 years later.


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