curious spam...

John Levine johnl at
Mon Sep 14 21:04:38 UTC 2020

In article <CAP-guGUfDirM1d+h0w_MRgx-Nu0o64EVSsAEnXkSK8SODY_=Dw at> you write:
>I moved to Seattle. Today I found my grmail box subscribed to a
>congressman's list from a nearby Washington jurisdiction. Not some
>random congressman. And not any of the addresses I give out; my gmail
>box's address which I don't. ...

It's strange but I think it's not typical.  I have given tagged
addresses to lots of political candidates and am getting buckets
of mail, like five a day from each of the presidential campaigns
to those addresses.

I am getting no political spam to my gmail box, and do not recall any
that wasn't clearly due to nitwits signing me up who thought that my
address (which is my name) was their address.


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