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Mon Sep 14 18:42:34 UTC 2020

Here in Florida the self-preservation interests of the two party system have resulted in all voter registrations being made public, including email, d/o/b, phone, home address (since you can't legally register any other), party affiliation.  If you used your private email for any state government registrations, they may have leaked it as soon as you moved.  Alternatively, if your previous state had already leaked it, and you have declared a party affiliation, the state level entity likely shared it with the national entity, who then shared it with the new state entity where you moved so they can spam you all over again.  I made the mistake of donating to a party backed candidate about a decade ago, and the cesspool of political entities associated with that party continue to email and text me every single cycle.  Unless I start suing, or change all my contact info, there's no likely any way I'll ever get it to stop.

I believe several states' DMV's have been found to be selling license registration info as a revenue source too.

Florida does have a way to not have your personal info released; it's conveniently only available to people you'd expect, first responders, judges, and of course, members of congress.

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    I've noticed something odd. When I lived in Virginia, I started
    receiving email directly to my gmail box from my U.S. Representative.
    Unsolicited spam from Congressmen is nothing new but it was a little
    odd that they found my gmail box (which I don't give out) and not one
    of the hundreds of aliases at or which I do
    give out. The gmail box exists only in mail headers; "From" is always
    a different address.

    I moved to Seattle. Today I found my grmail box subscribed to a
    congressman's list from a nearby Washington jurisdiction. Not some
    random congressman. And not any of the addresses I give out; my gmail
    box's address which I don't.

    Anyone else have a similar experience? Any idea how a hidden address
    is making it on to relevant congressmens' lists but not any others?
    That's weird right?

    Bill Herrin

    William Herrin
    bill at

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