how would draft-ymbk-opsawg-finding-geofeeds work in noam

Yang Yu yang.yu.list at
Sat Sep 12 22:47:44 UTC 2020

On Fri, Sep 11, 2020 at 1:48 PM Randy Bush <randy at> wrote:
> would folk familiar with the north american RIR and IRR registries be
> kind enough to suggest how this might adapt?  thanks.

Hi Randy,

Why not publish RFC8805 Geofeed directly in inetnum remarks section?
Then there is no more need to host HTTP server. 1 HTTP request per
inetnum/inetnum6 object seems a bit tedious.

How to handle other stuff that might exist in remarks field? Or the
draft would explicitly require Geofeed to be in its own remarks field?

Specific to the north american RIR, NetHandle is in registry (not in
irr) abd bulk access requires application
download requires cookies and takes ~10 mins. imo this could be made
easier like

NetHandle is not exactly inetnum (e.g. comments instead of remarks
field, different prefix format). Would the RIR provide converted
inetnum objects or the users would be expected to handle this?


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