how would draft-ymbk-opsawg-finding-geofeeds work in noam

Randy Bush randy at
Sat Sep 12 20:13:10 UTC 2020

hi camron

sad to say, the days of faxing around number assigments have passed.
the kiddie googlers who wrote the geofeeds rfc probably have not even
seen a fax machine.  they just did not like having a hundred gnomes in
the basement dealing with everybody's formats.  given silicon valley
housing costs, gnome armies do not scale well.  and, imiho, the format
they developed is sufficiently boring that it might work.

ten thousand providers emailing each other spreadsheets is not very
pretty or reliable at global scale.  the plague is teaching normal folk
the concept of exponential.

so where A *finds* B's geofeed data is an ugly issue.  i agree that rpsl
sucks.  like democracy, it may suck less than the alternatives.  but if
you have a better suggestion, puhleeze!

> 2. Why can’t arin just provide me a web portal to add city / state
> info in my already existing rpki roa form?

and then where do those data go?  you wanna go through the ietf process
of putting it in the rpki, which has no 'remarks' as an intermediate

and 10,000 consumers of the data would have to sign arin legal papers.
and arin is just one corner of a large world and becoming less and less

as to using zip codes; aside from the international issues, in many
locales postal codes are sufficiently specific to reveal personal
identity.  or at least this is why some geofeed designers told me they
avoided postal codes.  but this document is not about those choices
anyway; geofeed file format was assumed.

i hope you noted that the rpki-based signing is entirely optional.  i
certainly do not sign my geofeed files, and am not aware of any other
deployment of this tech which does.


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