sr - spring - what's the deal with 2 names

Adrian Farrel adrian at
Sat Sep 12 14:55:14 UTC 2020

>> Does anyone know the scope on why we have 2 names for this ?
> SPRING is the IETF working group name - Source Packet Routing in Networking
> Segment Routing is under SPRING

Yeah, sorry, this was my fault. Gotta have a catchy name.

As to "SPRINGv4" as others have said, this is not a recognised term in the IETF. I can think of it meaning a number of things (ranging from a private invention of SRv4, up to RFC 8663). You're going to have to check with the vendor using the term to find out what they mean, and possibly why they are using a new term instead of an existing one.


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