Wildfires: Reminder smart devices don't include emergency warnings while streaming

Sean Donelan sean at donelan.com
Fri Sep 11 18:57:27 UTC 2020

As some of the largest wildfires burn along the West Coast, and over 
500,000 people evacuate, a reminder that streaming devices do not 
include local emergency alerts. Cord-cutters using Alphabet Android TV, 
Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV "smart" devices should remember they don't have 
emergency alerts while streaming.

FCC requires cellular phones support Wireless Emergency Alerts, including 
when using streaming Apps. But not in-home "smart" devices like smart TVs 
and smart speakers.

You should also have an traditional AM/FM or weather radio at home. And 
your DTV may still have a connection for an over-the-air antenna. 
Nevertheless, while you are watching Netflix or listening to Spotify on 
a non-cell phone smart device, you won't get emergency alerts on those 
streaming devices.

Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Alphabet Android TV executives don't see a 
need to support emergency alerts on their products.

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