Getting Fiber to My Town by Jared Mauch

Brandon Butterworth brandon at
Thu Sep 10 22:57:27 UTC 2020

On Thu Sep 10, 2020 at 04:54:50PM -0500, Mike Hammett wrote:
> When I read up about it, yes, pulling lube and blowing lube 
> are different and you'll get different results. Microduct 
> blowing lube is yet another difference.

Quite different. This is what we've used on Microduct
"Penn-Lube 9702A is a water based thixotropic lubricant which 
 reduces friction during installation of cable and sub-duct...
 Containing high viscosity silicone polymers and perfectly
 spherical microspheres"

it's not cheap (about $20 for 240ml) but worth it, our
longest single blow was just under 3km

The project we did can be seen at

More people should take control of their internet, we're
working on some more.


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