BGP Community - AS0 is de-facto "no-export-to" marker - Any ASN reserved to "export-only-to"?'

Robert Raszuk robert at
Wed Sep 9 07:21:04 UTC 2020


Nope .. it is the other way around.

It is all easy if you look from your network centric view.

But if I am connected to 10 ISPs in each POP I have to build 10 different
egress policies, each embedding custom policy, teach NOC to understand it

I think if there is a defined way to express prepend N times to my ISP
peers across all uplinks or lower local pref in my ISP network in a same
way to group of ISPs I see the value.

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On Wed, Sep 9, 2020, 06:36 Mark Tinka via NANOG <nanog at> wrote:

> On 8/Sep/20 23:22, Douglas Fischer via NANOG wrote:
> Exactly Mike!
> The Idea would be to define some base levels, to make the creations of
> route-filtering simpler to everyone in the world.
> And what comes beyond that, is in charge of each autonomous system.
> It would make the scripting and templates easier and would avoid
> fat-fingers.
> Are we saying that what individual operators design for their own networks
> is "complicated", and that coalescing around a single "de facto" standard
> would simplify that?
> Mark.
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