Consolidation of Email Platforms Bad for Email?

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Tue Sep 8 17:25:09 UTC 2020

This is being portrayed a little too "either/or", that if you get spam
etc from $BIGEMAIL you, service provider, block them.

What goes on is multi-layer spam blocking using various tools rather
than host/server blocking except as a last resort.

So we'll block/toss/etc a lot of the malmail from $BIGEMAIL w/o
generally blocking their servers.

If we get a huge attack we have thresholds at which point we might
block them for two hours (whatever) hoping it stops on its own or
$BIGMAIL stops it.

But those are pretty high thresholds and obviously can cause problems
for our customers in delayed email but so can our mail servers being
pounded on. Those $BIGMAIL delivery servers have a lot more computrons
than we do.

Aside: What's astounding to me is how little any of this has changed,
other than consolidation perhaps -- remember when AOL's servers
pounding you with spam could bring you to your knees? I do -- in over
20 years.

        -Barry Shein

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