Consolidation of Email Platforms Bad for Email?

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I don’t know. Do I miss the days of every person and their dog running a mail server on a Linux server in a basement cupboard?

Huge crowds and high drama on nanae and spam-l type places

You never know whether your mail is going to get through or not because of weird and wonderful notions about spam filtering

No shortage of open relays and hacked Matt Wright

Whoever heard of backup?

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I originally asked on mailops, but here is a much wider net and I suspect there's a lot of overlap in interest.

I had read an article one time, somewhere about the ongoing consolidation of e-mail into a handful of providers was bad for the Internet as a whole. It was some time ago and thus, the details have escaped me, so I was looking to refresh my recollection.

Have any of you read a similar article before? If so, can you link me to it?

Mike Hammett
Intelligent Computing Solutions


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