Project/Tool to deploy and maintain Edge Servers (VMs) remotely

Douglas Fischer fischerdouglas at
Fri Sep 4 10:52:07 UTC 2020

I'm looking for some tool to work as a Comand and Control of several remote

The idea is to have many-many nodes of Virtual Machines running on every
ASN voluntarily to deploy some services spread everywhere we can.

Something like a Call-Home, that allows the headquarter to track operation,
health state, deploy commands.
(Re-reading this phrase, it could sound like a newbie
 hacker trying to create his own Mirai. haha...
 It's not the case... I'm not on the dark side of the force.)

I was thinking in use something like reverse ssh and ansible.
But I thought that I'm probably reinventing part of the wheel.

I want to believe that there already some projects that would put-me some
steps further on this project.

Could anyone give-me some-tip?

Thanks in advance.

Douglas Fernando Fischer
Engº de Controle e Automação
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