rsvp-te admission control - i don't see it

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Thu Sep 3 18:05:52 UTC 2020

I have a functional mpls-te test running, seems fine.but, question about
bandwidth reservations please.


At the Headend router, I set bandwidth on my mpls-te tunnel, but I can't for
the life of me, find where in the network is this bandwidth actually being
admitted, or seen, or allocated or anything!


I mean I look on rsvp interfaces, I look in wireshark at the tspec field of
the path message, I look in the mpls te tunnels along the way, etc, etc, I
can't find where the network sees that bandwidth I'm asking for at the
tunnel Head end.


Using IOS-XR in EVE-NG for testing.  XR 6.3.1


I'll give you other details if you want them.





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