Centurylink having a bad morning?

Bjørn Mork bjorn at mork.no
Tue Sep 1 06:25:22 UTC 2020

Eric Kuhnke <eric.kuhnke at gmail.com> writes:

> There's a number of enterprise end user type customers of 3356 that have
> on-premises server rooms/hosting for their stuff. And they spend a lot of
> money every month for a 'redundant' metro ethernet circuit that takes
> diverse fiber paths from their business park office building to the local
> clink/level3 POP. But all that last mile redundancy and fail over ability
> doesn't do much for them when 3356 breaks its network at the BGP level.

Well, many of us are paying for redundant power supplies or redundant
REs, even if that doesn't make any difference when the chassis is on
fire.  I guess most people know that, and still buy those redundant

It's always about cost versus risk.  I certainly hope nobody here
believe single homed is completely failsafe.

(the lack of withdrawal making multi homed customers fail too is more
unexpected, and a new factor to consider in the future)


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