Update on LACNIC's IRR: Near-Real-Time Mirroring Now Available

Mitchell Kuch mdkuch at merit.edu
Mon Nov 23 21:32:37 UTC 2020

Hello -

The whois.radb.net service is now mirroring the LACNIC IRR.

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Near-Real-Time Mirroring Now Available


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We are pleased to inform that LACNIC's Internet Routing Registry (IRR) which
came into production earlier this year now supports Near-Real-Time Mirroring
(NRTM) using IRRd Version 4.

The mirroring policy is an open policy and those organizations that wish to
mirror the information contained in LACNIC's IRR can do so.

To set up a mirror, you will need the following information:

NOC: noc at lacnic.net
Dump: ftp://irr.lacnic.net/lacnic.db.gz / http://irr.lacnic.net/lacnic.db.gz
NRTM Host: irr.lacnic.net
NRTM Port:43

When LACNIC enables NRTM in the coming days, other IRRs such as RADB and NTT
will begin mirroring the LACNIC source.

We would also like to thank the DashCare team (https://dashcare.nl/), Job
Snijders (NTT) and the RADB team for their support.

Should you have any questions or doubts, please don't hesitate to contact us
at tecnologia at lacnic.net/


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