Apple Catalina Appears to Introduce Massive Jitter - SOLVED! - Update!

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Sun Nov 22 10:25:05 UTC 2020

> On 22 Nov 2020, at 10:17, Mark Tinka <mark.tinka at> wrote:
>  So after installing Little Snitch and basically denying "trustd" any kind of Internet access, I have been seeing reasonably normal jitter with Bluetooth enabled.
I actually “saw the same” on Catalina while using little snitch. 

“Saw the same” after installing yesterday Big Sur and suddenly received a notification “this version of little snitch is no longer supported by macOS. It’s looks like I have to pay 25€ for a new compatible version. 
> It's not that Bluetooth stops scanning, but it's not scanning as aggressively. So after a few minutes, there will be very high jitter when Bluetooth scans the environment, but it would affect only a single packet. It's easily reduced its chattiness by 99%.
> I don't have any empirical data to support the claim that Little Snitch has anything to do with it (and I am too lazy to dig further into it), but the reduction in jitter is massively noticeable since Little Snitch. Which means I can now run Catalina with Bluetooth enabled and not have any wi-fi problems.
> Just FYI, for the archives :-).
> Mark.

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