Cable Company Hotspots

kwoody at kwoody at
Sat Nov 21 00:02:46 UTC 2020

> How do the cable companies generally deliver this service? A friend
insists it
> piggybacks off the WIFI radios of existing cable company subscribers. In
> words, the cable company WIFI router in a flat is providing both a private
> for the flat's subscriber, but also a public hotspot service.
> I concede it is possible, but I am skeptical that the high quality of
> service we get here in Budapest could be achieved that way.

Calix has this option on the 844G/E CPE. The G is used with fibre based
drops and the
E is used with cable modems.

It is called Community Wifi and is an option that can be enabled in both
units. It uses GRE tunnels
to backhaul traffic.

Never used it so have limited knowledge on actual workings, but have
deployed many
of both types of CPE's.


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